Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fiddy cents...

What exactly will half a sawbuck get you these days?

Well, during Topps' throwback week, you can get special packs of cards for a quarter each!
My local, Jersey's Cards and Comics, is offering 2 packs per day. Of course, I missed the first couple of days, but went by there yesterday, and will be headed over there today after I get off of work as well.

Pretty danged cool, two Phillies, and two D-Backs! The Killebrew and Gwynn don't hurt a bit either!
I knew I was in luck with the first pack. Being wrapped in clear cellophane, I could clearly see Chooch on the top and the Howard on the bottom!!
Not a bad haul for Fiddy cents!

have a GReat day!
Thanks for reading, back tomorrow with today's purchase.

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