Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I could just tell you, Or Tease ya instead...

Bought another Big League Mini, probably my last unless I find some on clearance.

$4.99 a pop is just not working out for me. 2 out of three for my PCs isn't too bad, but none in the Phillies column really just doesn't cut it.
I may try eBay for the ones I really want and be done with it.
Did you figure out who I got this time? I gave two hints at it...

Whatta ya mean you didn't see two hints? The second hint was the my PCs comment whilst the first is actually in the post title.

Big Pappi will go rather well with the Pedroia I pulled last time. Get it, Or-Tease ya!!

thanks for bearing with my bad puns!!
Have a GReat night!

1 comment:

Wilson said...

"2 out of three for my PCs isn't too bad"

I was trying to figure out which player merited a Meat Loaf reference.