Saturday, August 3, 2013

Opening Day Base cards complete!!

In a more round about fashion than usual, I've discovered a new blog, The Raz Card Blog, run by Chris.
He and I were helping a fellow blogger finish off the 2013 Opening Day set for his son and struck up a trade between us.

He has helped me finish off the base cards for my set as well as traded me one of his blue parallels for my Phillies. He also included a bunch of inserts for that set as well, putting me well on my way to finishing this year's set off ahead of everything else.

He also included some extra Phillies from some of this year's other offerings:

and then there is this little beauty!! I've been wanting the Dealing Aces Phillies since I saw them earlier this year, and now I've got my first one out of the way! The only knock I'd give Topps on these would be the choice of color, Doc really should have been on the hearts or diamonds and red.

Now that's what I'm talking about. The red on the No-Hitters Halladay really pops with the pinstripes and Phillies cap! What a sharp looking card, and the other GQ Phillies set that I've been looking for as well.
These two cards were worth the trade alone!!

Thanks for them and the rest of the OD stuff too Chris! I'll be getting you something out this week in return for your kind offering here.
thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

Hope everybody is having a GReat weekend! My wife and I are off participating in the 2nd Annual Extortion 17 Memorial ride! Turning Premium fuel and Oxygen into a lot of noise!!

all for a GReat cause!

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