Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Topps

So I managed to find some 2014 Topps the day before it was supposed to be released, which was Wednesday. I found it on my way home Tuesday afternoon, and promptly got snowed in for the last two days! Receiving some 10 inches of snow in my hometown of Chesapeake. I knew we were in for a white whopping and decided to burn a couple days of vacation instead of taking a chance on wrecking my car. At least my city decided to heed all the warnings as opposed to some states farther south!!

Well, I finally returned to work this morning, and scanned in the results of my single 12 card pack and rack pack that I purchased on Tuesday. I did not scan all the cards, but rather opted for some of my favorites plus the inserts. I blindly reached into the gravity feeder, but had decided on the second rack pack in the row prior to entering the card aisle.

So, what did I get?

I like the sparkly red parallels and really like the different colored parallels. And I think that Brantley is a staple of everyone's "first" pack as I think I've seen it at least three times around the blogosphere now. And I also really appreciate Topps and think they were paying attention to our posts last year as this year's offering has team colored borders on the cards!! WTG Topps, I really like the way these little whisps of color enhance the design.

That Murphy card is cool!! GReat photo and the layout/composition make for a nice stand-out card, even though it's a Met!

I thought I'd gotten lucky with my first Phillie card on this first insert, til I realized it was less about the Phillies and rather more about them being trounced in a game last season!!

I like the Upper Class inserts, and it doesn't hurt that the first example I got was David Wright. Despite his playing for the dreaded Mets, he's a local boy that done good!

My first mini wasn't bad either, though I doubt I'll be chasing many of these this year. The die-cut aspect is nice, but I still have not finished the danged Kimballs from two years ago!!

Then this fell out of the rack pack!! yep, my first "hit" of the season, in my first pack of the season! Yeah, it's a Rays player, and to most everyone's dismay, the swatch does NOT match the jersey pictured (actually had to google Rays White Jersey to verify that it could have come from there) But it's still nice to hit in a retail pack on your first purchase of cards in a long while!

and it's a nice touch that the back of the card strays from the a-typical "Congratulations, blah, blah, blah" giving some information about the subject player. Once again, WTG Topps!

Mr. Zobrist is available if there are any Rays fans that read my humble little offerings. And once again, I am Phillie-less for two packs in 2014... How long will I have to wait this year?

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend!

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Zippy Zappy said...

Not sure if you'd be interested in trading for it but I recently pulled a Jonathan Papelbon base card out of a rack pack of 2014 Topps series 1.