Friday, January 10, 2014

Helping a fellow reach a goal...

Hey gang,
I really appreciate my readers. The fact that people take time out of their day to read what I've thrown out here is awesome!!

That being said, I know of another blogger who has set an unrealistic goal for himself. To reach a following of at least 100. Now I know you are asking yourself why I feel this is an unrealistic goal?? Simply put, it is totally out of his hands. He has absolutely no influence over this particular trophy!!

That's where we come in, through the sharing of mutual interests, I can point you, my avid readers, over to his blog where I think you might find something worth while and interesting for yourself.

His name is Corky, and he runs the blog: Pack War.

As an added bonus, if you find him worthy of following, you can then drop by Daniel's blog, It's Like Having My Own Card Shop, and let him know.

He's generously offered and currently running a contest to help Corky out.

As always, tellem both Dawgbones sentcha!!

Have a GReat weekend!
Thanks for reading

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