Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th! Let's go Surfing!!

My local Wally World started carrying some of those blind box figures here recently. And this was the first time I had seen the Marvel Bobble heads.

I just had to take a chance... everybody's hoping for Deadpool,

He's the rarest of the bunch at 1/144..
except me, I wanted Dr. Doom. Me being  a long time Fantastic Four fan. They come in the same size boxes as the rest of the mystery figures do, and the same black plastic baggie inside as well.

No, I didn't get Thor, though that would have been cool and Mrs. Dawgbones would've stolen him right away! So, who did I get?

the title did give it away... yepper, not too shabby... at least the 'ole Silver Surfer does have a "four" tie-in.
And I'll happily add him to my collection, and probably buy a few more in the near future as well!
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat 4th!

P.S. with the typical Fireworks displays this weekend, please be sure your pets are adequately and securely guarded. They generally do not enjoy the pyrotechnics like we do. Make sure they have a safe place in the house to hide out from the festivities.

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