Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Joy of Completion!!

Batter up!

which can only mean one thing, yes, with the minor help of a small purchase on eBay ($2.98 shipped)
I now own 35 individual puzzle pieces from the Teenymates Series 1 MLB figure set.

I am still missing 5 of the base figures  and 2 rare chase figures from a complete set, but I am happy to show off a completed puzzle:

thanks for taking a peek,
Have a GReat day!


defgav said...

Congrats on finishing the puzzle!

The Prowling Cat said...

Congrats on finally getting that bad boy done. What is the plan with it now that its completed?

capewood said...

I bought 2 packages of these and managed to pull the Phillie guy in one of them. That's all I needed.