Thursday, July 3, 2014

Teeny WOO HOO!!

I am so close to at least completing the puzzle from the Teenymates Series 1 set that I took another chance on a single pack from Target while we were there shopping the other night.

I got two duplicate puzzle pieces, 1 duplicate figure, and...

The second of four rare chase figures!! This time it's the Throwback Brew Crew! and very cool indeed!
that still leaves me needing possibly four puzzle pieces (I am working a trade right now) and 6 figures!

I also have many figures and pieces to trade if anybody is interested...
I have the following figures available:
LA Dodgers (4)
Oakland A's (3)
Texas Rangers (3)
Cleveland Indians (3)
San Diego Padres (1)
Washington Nationals (1)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1)
St. Louis Cardinals (1)

and need the following 6 Figures for a complete base set:
Los Angeles Angels
Arizona Diamondbacks
Detroit Tigers
Kansas City Royals
Tampa Bay Rays
and of course my beloved Philadelphia Phillies

I also have the following pieces available for trade:
Atlanta (1)
Seattle (1)
Tampa Bay (3)
Astros (1)
Brewers (1)
Washington (1)Blue Jays (3)
TES (3)

and these have been sent north in trade:
White Sox (1)
Rangers (1)
Reds (1)
Yankees (1)

If you have any figures available, hit me up with an email dawgbones (at) cox (dot) net.
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat 4th! Looks like Tropical Rain here on the East Coast!

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