Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hey look, I stole 2nd... again!!

Contest over at...

...The Diamond King.  Yeah, if you haven't seen all the other plugs out there, you haven't been reading the blogs.  Anyway, dude is giving away some sweet stuff (and yes I ripped his picture; he's in the blogobong now; he should be expecting people to steal his junk.):

only this time, it's the second steal for this picture, Spanky stole it from Diamond King, and I stole the whole post from Spankee...

Thanks for reading,
have a GReat day.

and Spankee, you should have definitely seen this one coming!! thanks for the post..


Spankee said...

I And then you had the nerve to spell my name wrong once above.

dawgbones said...

dammit, I thought I caught all of those... actually had it mis-spelled throughout, sorry about that... guess I'm the first one out of the Blogosphere Spelling Bee!!