Saturday, June 18, 2011

How do you write...

... when you've busted up your writing hand???

not very well. We've all wondered where our good friend Troll at the Plate has been lately, a few of us have know about his current trials and tribulations, but I don't think anyone has had a good indication of just how bad things went for him until I received a package in the mail this week from Southern Florida.

A while back, I discovered through the wonder of his want list, that I had a few cards for my good friend down south. As most folks I've traded with know, and there are quite a few of us out here, I happily sent the package his way, not asking for anything in return as I've been treated more than fair in my past dealings.

As most of us also know, and I have received such, a return package of often greater value (at least to me) is often sent. One such package was waiting in my mail box last Wednesday.

The Troll at the Plate never ceases to amaze me with his generosity. Sending me many Phillies:

Yes folks, that is a very nice looking Steve Carlton throwback light blue jersey relic, numbered 95/100.

He also manages to throw in some of the latest flyers from the 3rd sport I think I'd ever want to follow:

and check out the page for that night's Staffing Line-up:
yep, none other than our favorite Troll himself!! Way to go Marck!!

Thanks for another great envelope filled with awesomeness Troll!! Hope your busted hand heals quickly and correctly.

Thanks for reading everybody.
Have a GReat Weekend!


Ryan G said...

Roller Derby. I keep looking into going to a game (is that what they're called? match? event?) but never follow through. Being a ref sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

I have been to the Roller Derby once before out here in Oregon. It is a crazy good time. Nothing like watching a fight break out in a match!

Collective Troll said...

Ryan, they are called bouts officially, but we don't really care what you call them, just show up!
Being a ref is pretty cool, but announcing is far less strenuous and your not all sweaty at the after party...
Dawgbones, great post! Way to get a roller derby conversation going on your blog!!! Glad ya liked everything... I've said it before - I don't like the Phillies at all, but Lefty Carlton was the man!!! Cheers and thanks again!!!
oh, by the way - I've been told I write like a serial killer... I am 10 days away from the cast coming off. I cant wait!