Friday, June 24, 2011

What's your favorite Comic Strip?

We all know Peanuts, probably the first major, well known strip to have featured America's past time in it's small frames.

Yours truly dearly loves Mutts, for obvious reasons, as well as Get Fuzzy. Both strips center around the adventures of our beloved pet pals.

Mutts tends towards the serious side of things on a regular basis, with two full weeks each year dedicated to Shelter stories. Two of my four girls are shelter pups and I would not trade them for a pure bred.

Get Fuzzy tends towards the hilarious interaction between the two pets and their human target. Every now and then, a strip comes along that must be shared. I've found 6 in my strip-a-day calendar that must be shared with my loyal followers, read on and see why:

Love the All-Star Error card!!

Thanks for peeking in, have a GReat weekend!


The Lost Collector said...

I like it. Admittedly I haven't heard of Get Fuzzy, but I'll give it a shot. I'm a Calvin and Hobbes fan. I don't know why, but I've always liked Family Circus on the weekends too...especially when there was the little dotted trail that followed one of the kids around.

Spankee said...

Get Fuzzy is my wife's favorite. She's got the 365 day calendar. My personal favorite is Brevity.

SpastikMooss said...

Haha I love those Get Fuzzy guys. I'm a big fan of one comic..can't remember the name but it's all alligators and mice and they talk funny and do weird stuff. (I only get the paper now when I go home to see my parents so I haven't read it in a few months haha).

dawgbones said...

TLC - Love C&H, Calvin's views are GReat, "The surest sign that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy is that NONE of it has tried to contact us yet!"

Spankee - I have a Sunday strip on my desk at work from somewhere in the Midwest, a friend brought it back from their vacation cause they knew I loved that strip.

Mooss - Ah yes, Pearls before Swine, one of the comics I have delivered to my email inbox every day, though admittedly, I have to read some of them over and over again before I decipher the language of the Gators (though I can believe they'd talk that way if they could!!)

(...Joe) said...

Get Fuzzy!!!! Satchel is the best!