Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Picked up 2 packs of 2011 Opening Day, still hunting for some of the inserts, I'd really like to finish the Presidential insert set an the Mascots:
nothing new on the inserts side of things (I have both of those in the scan), but there is a nice blue border parallel of Ervin Santana. Oh well, we'll keep trying here and there...

here are the inserts I still need, though I'm not to worried about finishing the Topps Town or Celebrations:

Under the Lights
UL-2 Troy Tulowitzki, UL-9 Felix Hernandez

Opening Day Stars
ODS-4 Josh Hamilton, ODS-6 CC Sabathia, ODS-7 Joe Mauer, ODS-8 Joey Votto, ODS-9 David Price

Presidential 1st Pitches
PFP-1 Barack Obama, PFP-5 Richard Nixon, PFP-6 Woodrow Wilson, PFP-9 John F. Kennedy
PFP-10 Barack Obama

Spot the Error
SE-3 Jose Bautista, SE-9 Buster Posey

Superstar Celebrations
SC2 Buster Posey, SC3 David Ortiz, SC12 Matt Garza, SC15 Alex Rodriguez, SC18 Derek Jeter, SC22 Cliff Lee, SC23 Ryan Braun, SC24 Troy Tulowitzki, SC25 Matt Kemp

M5 Chicago White Sox®, M8 Dinger, M9 Paws, M11 Junction Jack, M13 Milwaukee Brewers™,
M14 T.C., M19 Swinging Friar, M20 Mariner Moose, M21 Fredbird, M25 Washington Nationals®

Topps Town Codes
TTOD3 Trevor Cahill, TTOD5 Jon Lester, TTOD6 Matt Holliday, TTOD8 Justin Upton, TTOD10 Tim Lincecum, TTOD11 Logan Morrison, TTOD12 Ike Davis, TTOD13 Ian Desmond, TTOD14 Brian Matusz, TTOD19 Martin Prado, TTOD21 Austin Jackson, TTOD22 Carlos Ruiz, TTOD23 Gordon Beckham, TTOD24 Jay Bruce

What is the general consensus? Which is better for inserts, single packs or rack packs?

thanks for reading, back with more Fun Packs tomorrow,
Have a GReat day!

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Ryan G said...

I've never opened a rack pack of Opening Day. I'd look at the average number of inserts you get in a regular pack and triple it (since they're $3, I think). If you don't get that many in a rack pack, go with the singles. I believe for the flagship Topps set, the rack packs provided the highest ratio of inserts of any of the retail options.