Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The real Break post...

After yesterday's little rant, let's show off some goodies. Of course, it still does not measure up to Spankee's haul, he absolutely killed this one. But I did not do poorly at all.

First, the base cards:

If this wasn't a break, I'd swear Sam was trying to Bip me!! Look at all those Abreus!

then a few more base cards:

Sam always throws in extras, rack-packs, packs, blasters, crap he doesn't want... (just kidding!!)

He opened some Masterpieces, which scored me a very nice framed Hamels, as well as a nice Howard for that page in the binder!!

and then the hits: (you were guaranteed at least 1 hit in this break, if Sam had to pull it from his collection or purchase one for your team!! Can't beat those odds)

no, you're not seeing double, yes, I got two Kruks out of this break, but 1 is Silver 246/250, while the second one is Gold 147/150. Too cool. And you could say that Howard relic would make more than a few Phillies fans Green with envy!! (wish that would have been Utely since it's #26/150)

And I can't let this post go, without a shout-out to my BOYS, 101 wins, best record in the majors for the second season in a row, tied for the franchise win record. It's an AWESOME time to be a Phillies fan!!

All in all, this was a fun break, there were a ton of nice cards pulled for everybody involved, and some very nice autos and relics pulled, including the Phils that came my way, and well worth the 40 cents extra I had to pay in ransom!!

Thanks for a GReat break, as always, Sam. And as I said yesterday, if you have not trade with Sam, or joined in on the break fun, what he hell are you waiting for?

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!!