Monday, September 26, 2011

I saw my 1st rainbow!!

At 43 years of age, you are probably thinking, 'ole Dawg has finally lost his frickin mind!! But, come along for a little quiz... (Hey, if Dayf can post about ponies, I can post about rainbows, dammit!!)

First, I ask, how many people have seen a rainbow?

This year has brought a few firsts for me, a month or so ago, I saw my first morning rainbow:

appearing on my way to work, as the sun was coming up. Very cool site. some 12 hours later, I was bid adieu by an equally spectacular sunset on my way home from work:
The Great Dismal Swamp fire's smoke has produced a few brilliantly colored sunsets.

Now, I know you are thinking, that would have been his first rainbow, right?, at the very least, right?
Now let me ask my question again,

How many people have seen a complete rainbow?

Yes, I rephrased my questions slightly, and hence, the title post.
I saw my first complete rainbow, on Friday evening as my wife and I were leaving our local Walmart.
Now, only having my Ipod on me at the time, I could only take quick snapshots of these two events,
but the pictures should tell the story:

I've seen many rainbows in my 43 years on this earth, but I've never seen both ends, until now!!
Have a GReat week everybody!!


The Big Kahuna said...

I feel special then because I have seen full double rainbows!

dawgbones said...

Actually Kahuna, look closely in the picture and you'll see this was a set of two as well, the second higher one being much fainter than the lower, but still there. It's amazing to see the difference from inside to outside of the rainbow as well, you could almost imagine a glimpse of Dorthy's Oz through the "frame"!