Friday, September 23, 2011

The ever popular Diamond Giveaway...

So, about the topps Diamond Giveaway, I've current got a combined 107 offers for the 3 diamond die-cut cards in my currently "virtual" collection. I have every intention of having at least the three die-cuts plus 1 or 2 of the vintage cards shipped, but it is interesting to see some of the offers.

First, the cards being most sought after:

I declined all the offers that did not involve one of my die-cuts leaving offers 1-49 for my Hamels card, offers 50-76 for the Montero card, and offers 77-107 for the Zimmerman die-cut. I found it interesting that apparently kporter20 is either desperate for any die-cut card, or he is desperate to off-load the other cards in his virtual collection, he has offered the following single cards in a 1 for 1 trade for the Zimmerman: Denny Hoyle 1974, Gerry Moses 1970, Paul Lindblad 1979, Bill Madlock 1977, Randy Hundley 1972, Fred Talbot 1965, Boots Day 1973, Gerry Moses 1970. The following single cards in a 1 for 1 trade for the Montero: Gerry Moses 1970, Randy Hundley 1972, Brent Strom 1974, Texas Rangers Team Card 1981, Bill Madlock 1977, Oakland Athletics 1974, Denny Doyle 1974, Gerry Moses 1970. And he has offered the following single cards in a 1 for 1 trade for my Hamels: Duffy Dyer 1972, Sonny Siebert 1967, Denny Doyle 1974, Fritz Peterson 1973, Gordon Richardson 1966, Oakland Athletics 1974, Gerry Moses 1970, Steve Carlton 1984, Bill Madlock 1977, Randy Hundley 1972, and the apparently never-popular Gerry Moses 1970. Yes he has offered the Gerry Moses more than once, for each die-cut! He must be a Yankees fan!!

Now, I'm not above attempting to trade the cards in my collection for another die-cut, but I'm also not going to offer 1 single card from any post-seventies era year for a die-cut. I'll offer multiples, yes, but never a single 1984 topps for a die-cut, even if it is a Phillie. Oh, and I'm not trading the Hamels, period. If I can change the Montero into a Phillie die-cut, I will, if not, I'll keep him for my D-Backs PC.

On another interesting side-note; I've also received the following offers for my Hamels from #1philfan6. Now, firstly, of there were 5 other #1philfan's on the giveaway site, I would not be satisfied with being #6, choose a different username. Not, not-with-standing my earlier comment about the not-being-traded Hamels, #1philfan6 has offered me die-cuts of Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz and Jimmy Rollins for my Hamels, I can only assume that he has multiple copies of these two Phililes or else he is NOT a true Phillies fan. I would never trade a Phillies die-cut for another die-cut, even if it was a different Phillie. I am attempting to trade to get a few more of the Phillies (including the Nolan Ryan I traded to get the afore-mentioned Cole Hamels) but I would not dream of trading any of the Phillies players away unless I had multiple copies.

Which leaves me with the following cards that I am attempting to turn into Phillies (die-cut or otherwise):
1983 Frank Viola, Pitcher, Minnesota Twins, Card #586
1991 Larry Walker, Outfield, Montreal Expos, Card #339
1981 Richie Hebner, First Base, Detroit Tigers, Card #1981
1973 Wayne Simpson, Pitcher, Kansas City Royals, Card #428
1978 Ivan DeJesus, Shortstop, Chicago Cubs, Card #152
2005  Kings of Swing Lance Berkman, Outfield, Houston Astros, Miguel Tejada, Shortstop, Baltimore Orioles, Card #694
1984 AL Batting Leaders Card George Brett, Third Base, Kansas City Royals, Rod Carew, First Base, California Angels Cecil Cooper, First Base, Milwaukee Brewers, Card #710
1978 Angels Checklist Card, Checklist, California Angels, Card #214
1989 Jose Canseco, Outfield, Oakland Athletics, Card #500
1983 Tug McGraw, Pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies, Card #510 (already have this one in my PC from last year's transmogrifier)
1992 Ken Caminiti, Third Base, Houston Astros, Card #470
1991 Ken Griffey, Jr., Outfield, Seattle Mariners, Card #790
2001 Armando Rios, Outfield, San Francisco Giants, Card #46
1978 Mike Lum, Outfield, Cincinnati Reds, Card #326
1990 Bill Swift, Pitcher, Seattle Mariners, Card #574
1995 Mike Kelly, Outfield, Atlanta Braves, Card #61
1992 Jose Rijo, Pitcher, Cincinnati Reds, Card #220
2007 Jason Marquis, Pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals, Card #178
If you are interested in any of the above, let me know.
I've also got:
1966 Aubrey Gatewood, Pitcher, California Angels#42
1959 Jerry Lynch, Outfield, Cincinnati Redlegs, Card #97
which I will more than likely be having shipped with my Die-cuts if I am not successful with the trades.

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend!

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