Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Diamond Giveaway '11 the shipment

I gotta say, the "vintage" in this year's unlocking has shown up in way better shape than last years, but I guess that's what 10 fewer years will not do to a card.

I unlocked some nice stuff, and proceeded to change all of it into Phillies. My last successful trade was for the '79 Foote. Little did I know that Smed would be including this very card in with the box o Phils and other stuff he sent me about 2 days after I pulled the trigger on shipping my Diamond stuff!

The newest card in the bunch is the '96 Otero, but I couldn't resist the action in this shot, even though I heavily suspect it is a "posed" shot. And yes, I even managed to add another '87 Allstar Schmidt to that page too! The most trade offers I got for my non-diecuts was for the '68 Bill White, followed by the '69 Taylor and '72 Wise, but I actively traded for these and was not going to let them go for anything short of Phillies Diecuts.

The '79 Oates and '85 McGraw were just cause, and shipping was free with the anniversary set and all!!

But that's not what you came to look at now, is it? You came for the Diecuts, and yes I managed to get four of them. Two Phillies, a D-Back, and a Zipperhead.

These cards are truly awesome to look at in person. Especially after removing the "protective" film covering the fronts. Mr. Zimmerman's card still has this film on it as I am not his final stop on this little diamond journey. And Thick, we're taking close to relic thickness on these puppies.  Very nice indeed, especially with free shipping.

So, there you have it, my final haul for this year's "giveaway". Not too shabby. and did I happen to mention, the shipping was FREE! certainly can't beat that!!

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Play at the Plate said...

Congrats on some nice cards. I got the same Oates.