Thursday, February 2, 2012

Have you had your Flew shot?

Hiflew, that is. A few weeks ago, I won a lot of code cards off of ebay, thinking I could enter the ones I needed then help out a few bloggers with their needs.
After entering the 9 I needed, and finally getting my stuff shipped last week before the site went down, AGAIN!, I had 5 cards left. Instead of unlocking more mystery 90s crap that I've had little luck in changing into cards I actually want, I decided to trade the unused codes for cards that I actually needed off of my want lists. I quickly shot an email over to Things are Funner cause I know she needed some. Turns out she only needed 1 by this time, so I put an offer out for the remaining 4, which was answered by my good friend, Hiflew.

I also think Johnny discovered my weakness for the mascot cards, as he also included a few extra Phillies with the Phanatic to top it off.

Thanks for the trade Hiflew, I'm glad I could help you and Jules on your way to 45 rings.

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

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