Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feed your inner Nerd...

Or as my wife says, "What do you mean, INNER?"

Recently, I found another new blog for my inner nerd, The Writer's Journey. Write now, he's running a contest for a very unique prize, a Mimobot flash drive in the shape and personage of Boba Fett.

Go on over here and check it out, I'll wait...

Good, you made it back, pretty slick, right! He's also reviewed the R2D2 version here.
I love the soundbites involved with that one, too cool.

Now one of the entries for this contest involves creating a piece of Star Wars related art, I've combined with the above picture, wouldn't this be cool:

Anyhow, go on over to the Dorkside and enter, if you dare. Just use the Force, Dude!!

thanks for indulging my inner Nerd!
Have a GReat night!

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