Friday, March 2, 2012

Cards from beneath the Bridge...

Everybody's favorite Troll sent me a little care package last week, consisting of cards from my want lists, cards for my PCs, cards I've asked about, and just cards for cards' sake!!
Appreciate the Boozer card there Troll, but I quit drinking years ago, 1995, I think, anywhoo, vintage Phillies are always welcome here in Southeastern Va.

More Kimballs off that list!! Whoo Hoo!! Plus a few off the others. I must agree somewhat with the general consensus for the Walk Off inserts. I feel that they are a very nice design, but to me, all that grey just screams MORE! Something is just missing. Maybe if they made the team logo bigger?

I don't know why, but I like the Royal Wedding card, this version is the mini, pulled/upgraded/replaced from Troll's Frankenset, Spankee has the regular issue on hold for me as well and I look forward to all the cards he has for me cause his bubblers do not disappoint either!

Once again, my favorite Troll has not failed to impress me with his generosity, nor his keen selection of varied, yet equally desirable, offerings. I look forward to opening each and every envelope or box that has his familiar scrawl on it.

Our packages actually crossed in the mail, having left our towns and arrived in our towns on the same days as well!!

Thanks for reading, Thanks for the cards Troll, I'll have to find something interesting to "get even" with you for these.
Have a Great weekend!

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topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Ya know, it's too bad that Topps couldn't have used a shot of Ben Revere's 2011 Top Play of the Year for an SP variation of his card.