Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday Update in honor,...

of this month's activities. I posted way back in January about the awesome birthday present my wife got me. The Home Run Heroes Mickey Figurine:

Well, I slipped up and have actually received the next two in the series, but as I eluded to in my post title, In honor of this month's MLB activities, I have had both the pitcher:

and catcher report:

Too cool, and PATP, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think Donald is making a play at the plate since he has tossed his mask to the ground in anticipation!!

Too Funny, and just check out the scowl on his face  too, "You ain't gettin past me!!"

and Goofy's, well, he's Goofy!

Probably going to try a screwball!!
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat night!!


Dodgerbobble said...

Those are awesome! Disney and baseball are a nice combo.

Collective Troll said...

Very nice! Great photography too... Donald looks INTENSE!!!