Thursday, March 8, 2012

Opening Day was Yesterday... (updated)

for the cards any way. Bought a box this year, still need the rest of the mascot cards. Gonna put a list up soon. The wants page has been updated.

some scans:

I buy this set mainly for the Mascot cards, love me some Philly Phanatic... need that one by the way!
some more scans:

I think Topps actually got this right, notice the team color coded borders... Very Nice!

and one back, notice anything, Beuller, Beuller... Anything at all??

Wonder if all of Lee's Opening Day cards are like this? According to the latest checklist I could find, he is supposed to be card #220.

Ok, WTF Topps? Seriously, the collation on the Opening Day cards (@99 cents a pack), I end up with almost a complete base set, 14 missing and only 6 duplicates, if you count Blue Bordered Numbered Parallels as duplicates. Why can't you do this well at a higher price point??

And damn, do I hate buying more packs just to get 14 cards, or the Mascots!!Oh well, keep me in mind if you end up with something that might could help me out please. My wants are up to date...

thanks for reading.
Have a GReat night!

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Arno said...

The color-coded borders are definitely a nice touch.