Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stolen Goods...

Sometimes, a little theivery is Big Fun, not to mention, very rewarding...

Good Ole Doon is up to his hijinks again, hosting another highly successful and entertaining round of his ever popular Big Fun Game. I was lucky enough to gain entry into this latest fray, choosing 6th in line amongst the available doors.

Better yet in my case, stealing the once stolen, and now frozen, prize from behind door #10. Though it would not have been my first choice of doors, Hackenbush chose this door and revealed 2 1955 Graded Topps Baseball cards. Which were then promptly swiped by the Lost Collector. Knowing the rules of said swiping, a second swipe would secure the above mentioned goodness for myself.

A zip and a pop and a few days later, 1955 Graded goodness graces my humble abode:

A very nice example of 1955 Boston Red Sox,

and, also a very nice example of 1955 Topps, even though it is a Cubbie!!

thanks for the contest there Doon, as it was indeed, another round of very Big Fun!
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

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