Sunday, November 11, 2012

a Helluva weekend!!

More on my woes later. Cause they don't hold a fart's worth of wind against a hurricane!!

Happy Veteran's Day! Especially to my father, Richard H. Nebe Sr., Senior Chief Petty Ofiice retired, 28 year Navy Veteran. I am proud to be your son, Dad, thank you for your service, and thanks for taking care of us while he was taking care of business mom.

Today's my favorite holiday, cause it's the day I feel most connected with the rest of the civilian population. Watching everybody give thanks and praise to those who stand for us all is awesome. Today is the perfect day to start your very own tradition. Mine started some years back, when I made up my mind to thank any and all service members, Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines, Coasties, Police, Sheriffs, E.M.T.s, Firefighters any time I see them. They deserve so much more than I could ever give. I just hope they know how much I for one appreciate their service and sacrifice.

Thanks for all you do!

thanks for reading!
Have a GReat week!
Richard H. Nebe Jr. proud son of a Navy Veteran!