Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paying it Forward, Fuji-Style!!

Wow!! I mean WOW!! Really!! WOWEY-Wow-WOW-WOW!!!

I've read a few posts about this pay-it-forward challenge, and though I wanted to get involved, I'd never thought that I'd be nudged into it through the recipient's side of the bubbler!! The basic premise follows the story line from the movie. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it, and the premise is, someone does something nice for you, you owe them one, right? wrong, in this case the doer of the nice deed requests that you pay it forward, do something nice for someone else, often for a complete stranger. In our case, the challenge is someone send you something hobby related that they know you like, and pass the challenge to pay it forward!
Fuji-san. I accept your challenge! Mission accomplished!

Now here's the good stuff:
a three pack of 4x6 Phillies:
My favorite 3rd Baseman

some mini-Fleer Phils:

and a quad shot of Phillies jerseys!!

and the challenge:

Fuji, my holiday's so bright, I gotta find my shades!!
Thanks dude, you Rock!
thanks for reading.
Have a GReat day!

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Fuji said...

Glad you liked the cards! Have a happy holiday season buddy.