Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Woes" part 1

A follow-up to my Veteran's Day post.
I alluded to "woes" during my annual post. I am here first and foremost to say everything that occurred over the weekend is extremely minor in comparison to what our service members have to endure daily. That being said:

So, I leave work on Thursday afternoon to go take a package over to the post office and mail to a successful eBay bidder. I sold the stock mufflers off my Harley for a couple bucks. But first, I needed to swing by and grab the keys to my wife's uncle's van. My wife and I have been installing a new wood laminate floor at his house over the last few weeks. Having ripped the last of the carpet out, and Virginia Beach's stricter bulk waste pick-up rules (NO house hold construction debris, including carpet!) we offered to drop the stuff at our house, and have Chesapeake pick it up for us. We are only limited to a 4'x4'x4' stack and 12 bulk pick ups per calendar year.

I run by, grab the keys, head over to the house, grab the van, drive it over to our house (I'd forgotten how much "fun" it is to drive a 1982 Ford econoline van, 3-speed manual transmission, manual steering, with 60 series tires!) and neatly stack the carpet by our curb for friday morning. Head back over to his house, grab my Honda, and barely remember that I need to head over to the post office!

Ok, there is one close by, so I go and mail the package. It's off to Texas now, good, that's done! Back in the car, I then decide, since I'm half-way to the other Harley shop in town, I'd go by there and exchange a t-shirt that I'd bought the week before. Someone put an extra large in with the rest of the larges and I am not an extra-large person.

Before I could leave the parking lot, my phone goes off. "East bound and down"? that's mom and dad's  tone? Ok, they've got the results from dad's doctor visit. My mom had called on Monday to inform my sister that my dad had fallen over the weekend, twice.

I had gone by that afternoon and suggested that they go by and at least let the Dr. check out the dual-shiners that my pops was now sportin! Yep, dad's doctor had discovered an elevated heart rate, which she felt had contributed to his blacking out and falling. Wanting more testing, and knowing the quick way to accomplish this, she called E.M.S. and had them cart him over to the E.R.

Ok, I'll be there after the Harley shop and check on them. So much for a quiet afternoon at the house watching some TV!

Harley shop done, had to settle for a different shirt, the one I'd bought was the last one in, I got the 2nd one I'd looked at that day.

The shirt I wanted first.
The one I settled for now...

Quick easy exchange, $1.05 more for the newer shirt, and I'm off to the hospital. Mom and dad are waiting for the battery of tests to begin. They were also going to give him something to help slow his heart-rate as well as keep him over night for observation.

Long story short, they are back home, and now going to a cardiologist for follow up as they are still trying to figure out/regulate his heart rate in an attempt to keep him from blacking out again

more to follow...

thanks for reading,
have a GReat day!

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Fuji said...

Hey Dawgbones... I'm send you positive vibes from out here in Cali. Hope the doctors can find the right medication for your father.

As for the shirt... sorry you didn't get the original shirt you wanted... but damn the American Bombshell shirt is flippin' sweet!