Monday, March 31, 2014

1965 Heritage...

Err, I mean 2014 Tops Heritage! Today's stars in the... you know the story.
I won a second chance giveaway over on Andrew's Need More Cardboard blog, for which he found and sent me 1 rack pack of 2014 Heritage, which is exactly 1 more than I had prior to winning!
So what did I get for my prize?

1-1/3 Phillies, but at least Mr. Utley is one of my favorite current players!

and a bunch of players that have switched teams since last year. Now, these have been all over the blogosphere in the last month so there's not much more I can add to the reviews, except for one observation.
Looking at the bottom grouping of pictures (which is the top half of the pack) it appears that Topps may have forgotten that they own the rights to all the logos and team names!! Having cropped several of them out of these pictures, notably the McCann, Ozuna and Porcello pics!

thank for reading,
Have a GReat day!
back later with Opening Day, Pack 12.

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Need More Cardboard said...

Glad they arrived in one piece!