Monday, March 24, 2014

I have a confession... I cheated...

on my box of Opening Day cards! Stopped by Target on Saturday while out running errands and they had a brand new shiny box of 2014 Opening Day "Rack Packs". I couldn't resist...

The Pujols is another nice looking card, well laid out with the team logo as a back-drop. Out of 24 cards in the pack, I did get some duplicates, but overall, I'm happy, except for the Celebration!

Yeah, I fell that the Superstar Celebrations inserts are the weakest of the set, and have felt this way since I first laid my eyes on them. But the other inserts in this pack were very cool, got my second Between Innings card, my second Opening Days Stars card, the always cool, from my hometown, Justin Upton, and my first blue parallel. This year's blues are a bit different. I loved the diamond-esque appearance of last year's parallels, but this year's are shiny, appearing to be almost refractor-ish. I won't be chasing the set of these but wouldn't mind picking up a team set for my Phils.
Thanks for reading,
back later with Monday's OD pack.
Have a GReat morning!

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Ryan H said...

I hadn't seen the "Hug a Mascot" card anywhere else yet. I had no idea it featured a tender moment between Jonesy and The Bird