Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Quick and Cheasy trade...

If you want to call it that... Early last week, Chris, over at the ever-popular Nachos Grande, posted some results of a box break, which included an auto from one of my Phillies. He mentioned he was unsure of who Darin Ruf even was , but that the card in hand was almost not worth the effort of eBay (with all their fees and postage and what-not!)

Well, I shot him a quick email, offering him a fiver and a PWE for his efforts. He accepted, envelopes were sent, and re-sent, next thing you know, I gots myself a shiny new 2013 Darin Ruf  Chrome autograph!

Very cool!!

and he also included a custom mini of another of my Phils, Mr. Lee, which was too cool in the fact that the card was numbered 17!!

Thanks for the cards Chris, glad I could help you avoid a few fees, and fuel your addiction to Ginter cardboard.
Thanks for reading,
Back later with today's OD...

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