Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spoiler Alert!! BBT edition...

Hopefully you'll get the reference and all will come clear in the reveal. Back at Christmas, my wife and I went overboard with the blind box figure purchases for my Nightmare before Christmas addiction.

and in hunting for them, we also found Mystery minis from our favorite show, The Big Bang theory.
(Martin saw this figure of sheldon in one of my Teenymates posts and asked for the full blown, so here it is.)

we then proceeded to clear out all the Barnes and Nobles in our area, trying to at least complete a set of the main characters (though not necessarily each variant) we have only found them at B&N, but at least we get a 10% discount on purchases there!

we ended up with both variants of the Howard Wolowitz figure, including the Star Trek uniform, which I believe is a 1/75 box pick.

and with my tiny army of Sheldons,
we got several of the variants of him, though my personal favorite is the Flash (so far) (and Sheldon is by far the easiest figure to pick as there are several variants of his outfit available, though the Spock, Live Long and Prosper is by far the hardest to pull)

we did end up with all of the girls (there are no variants of them), and Penny must have gotten drunk when they designed her, cause she won't stand up on her own! (wonder if this is a design flaw??)

and for Valentine's day, I made my wife a card and gave her three more boxes, getting Leonard out of the second!
So, that leaves us just Raj short of the complete cast, and they are a blast to look at. I took a few of the dupes and put them up at work.
thanks for reading,
Have a GReat week!


Ryan H said...

All of those mini figures are very well done. I think they capture the cariacture of each of the characters perfectly! I might have to buy me a couple if I can find them on sale somewhere.

MJ Heap said...

I really enjoyed this post!
Very cool, would be interested trading some Phillies cards for a Sheldon dupe.

martynheap at

Daniel Wilson said...

I love The Big Bang Theory! These are awesome!