Friday, April 4, 2014

2014 Topps Opening Day Packs 19 and 20

pack 19:

and 20:

Mr. Romo is celebrating the first half of the box being opened. The Kershaw has a rather nasty slice running through his left shoulder! Came out of the pack that way!!

Now for some statistics, we now have 122 base cards out of 220, with 17 duplicates, and no triplicates. I now have 6 blue parallels, and half of them are duplicated with a regular base card. I have 3 out of the 10 Between Innings set, 3 out of the 20 Breaking Out set (with 1 duplicate), 6 out of 30 Fired Up cards, 5 out of 25 Superstar Celebrations, 4 of the 25 Opening Day Stars, and only 3 out of the 25 Mascots, with no Autos, Relics, or Variants.

Not too bad for the base set, but it's not looking positive for my Mascots for this box as I don't think there will be a complete set of those in here!
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