Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Can we show a little appreciation!! (and packs 24-25)

There's a contest in it for you if you are interested...
As some of you may know, my wife is from the Northern state of Minnesota, which is mainly why I follow the Twins and like to see them play well.

Well, today, The Lost Collector pointed me in the direction of a new blog, dedicated to a Minnesota perspective.

The owner over at Baseball Nation, A Minnesota Perspective, is trying to drum up interest in his blog so go on over and check him out, and maybe join his contest!
And as always, tellem Dawgbones sentcha!

Now for today's packs:
pack 24

pack 25

Yay! The base version of Revere's card and another mascot, Topps names this one??
Should've named him Disco Baxter!!

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Matthew Scott said...

Baxter the Bobcat is by far my favorite card in Opening Day. Backwards hat....leisure suit...what more can you ask