Monday, April 21, 2014

GReat morning!

So, I forgot the ointment that I use on my new tattoo and had to run across the street to Target this morning.
Stopped by the card aisle and bought a rack pack of Opening Day which I pulled several base cards I needed plus another mascot!!
and one pack of TeenyMates in which I got 1 duplicate, two puzzle pieces and:

Heck yeah!! A Limited Glow-In-The-Dark figure, of course, he's the most likely hit at 1:32 odds, but I'll take it!! He came with a Dodger which is available, along with 2 Rangers and 2 Indians, I believe.

two more pieces for the bottom row.

Leaving me needing:

thanks for reading!
Have a GReat week!


The Prowling Cat said...

I'm sending out those six pieces today. Sorry that it's a week late as things got crazy busy last Monday. I guarantee they leave today as the wife has a VIP envelope that needs mailed out and has to be weighed as well. Should leave you at five remaining after they arrive. Will be cool to see you get it done.

defgav said...

Love that glow-in-the-dark figure! I might need to track one down for myself one of these days.