Thursday, April 24, 2014

Here kitty kitty...

Oh, come on! How else would you call a Prowling Cat?? As most of my readers know, I have been actively pursuing the new Teenymates MLB figures this year, and am (probably foolishly) attempting to complete at least the puzzle portion of this set.

I've also begged and pleaded with everyone for any unused/unwanted pieces of said puzzle. I received 1 response to my pleas, and 1 envelope in yesterday's mail from The Prowling Cat.

He and I have traded in the past and I really appreciate his assistance in my latest quest. He sent me 6 of the remaining 11 for my picture, leaving me just 5 left to complete!!

Thanks there Cat! He also included a few wayward Phils for my personal collections.

Thanks for these as well! And I hope you and the missus are recovering well.
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

1 comment:

The Prowling Cat said...

Looking forward to seeing that puzzle completed.