Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Diamond Hi-Jinks...

Well, It seems as though I am now 11 codes shy of the 45 rings. And I completed a trade of all the miscellaneous cards in my virtual collection for the diamond die-cut of Chooch, wheedling it down to 5 cards, make that 6 with the addition of today's unlocked 1980 junk wax, thanks for nothing, I'm not having that one shipped, card of:

Mark Wagner 1980

Mark Wagner / Shortstop / Detroit Tigers
Card Number: 29

I now have 4 diamond die-cuts and a 2007 Topps base card to go with today's unlocked CRAP.

2011 Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels / Pitcher / Philadelphia Phillies
Card Number: DDC-72

2011 Carlos Ruiz

Carlos Ruiz / Catcher / Philadelphia Phillies
Card Number: DDC-44

2011 Ryan Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman / Third Base / Washington Nationals
Card Number: DDC-55

Jason Marquis 2007

Jason Marquis / Pitcher / St. Louis Cardinals
Card Number: 178

But, let's see what kind of offers are being made today:

Now this is the kind of offer that one might expect, 30 different Phillies for 1 Phillie die-cut! Of course, the oldest card in the bunch is showing, a 1990, really? Sorry, even as late as I am entering the collecting world, I've received most of these cards from trades over the last year! Nope, DECLINE!


A 1976 checklist card ! Are you for real? I've been screwed by the transmogrifier with one of these already, I'm not gonna screw myself with this crap, get a few more vintage and maybe I'll not laugh quite so hard!!
This is not even worth the effort of clicking DECLINE!!

another checklist, and only the checklist! Here's a hint, Ain't NOBODY gettin my Hamels!!  NEXT:

Wow, now this is impressive:

70 cards:  Al Luplow 1964, Jim Fairey 1973, Mike Jorgensen 1974, Mike Cosgrove 1976, Lee Richard 1976, Jerry DaVanon 1977, Carlos Lopez 1978, Larry Herndon 1978, Rob Sperring 1978, Dave Campbell 1979, Bo Diaz 1979, Ted Cox 1979, Eduardo Rodriguez 1979, Marty Pattin 1979, Barry Foote 1979, Tim Johnson 1979, Darrel Chaney 1979, Larry Milbourne 1979, Wilbur Wood 1979, Dennis Leonard 1979, Duffy Dyer 1979, Dan Spillner 1979, Paul Reuschel 1979, Rick Monday 1979, Del Unser 1979, Rennie Stennett 1979, Highlights Card 1980, Roy Thomas 1980, Gary Roenicke 1980, Mitchell Page 980, Claudell Washington 1981, Tony Scott 1981, Adrian Devine 1981, Don Sutton 1982, Chris Welsh 1982, Dennis Lamp 1982, Tim Stoddard 1983, Joe Nolan 1983, Frank Robinson 1983, Mike Proly 1983, Bryan Little 1984, Rick Sweet 1984, Mike Scott 1985, Terry Whitfield 1985, Bob Lillis 1985, Greg Booker 1985, Jack Lazorko 1985, Roy Howell 985, Craig Lefferts 1985, Luis Leal 1985, Luis Salazar 1985, Chris Welsh 1986, Chuck Cottier 1986, Jack Perconte 1986, Rollie Fingers 1986, Keith Moreland 1986, Carlton Fisk 1986, Carlton Fisk 1989, Kevin Brown 1990, Harold Baines 1990, Kirby Puckett 1990, Bret Saberhagen 1990, Denny Martinez 1991, Frank Robinson 1991, Ron Gant 1992, Joe Carter 1992, Robin Yount 1993, Edgar Martinez 1993, Paul Quantrill 2001, Jose Cruz Jr. 2003.

Impresses ME just because of the sheer amount of time and determination to click through and add all those cards to this offer!!!

I don't know, what do you think Spankee, would you take these 70 cards for your Diamond die-cut Zimmerman??

Well, that's all for today's little adventure in transmogrification.
Thanks for reading,
have a GReat day!!

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Spankee said...

I definitely would not...