Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dollar Tree Jumbos Anybody?

Stopped by the dollar tree for some puzzle books over the weekend.

My company is taking part in the "Any Sailor" program this year.

We've sponsored a unit currently serving in Kuwait. They posted a list of things they are having difficulty acquiring as well as stuff they'd like to have. My wife and I set out to get as much stuff as our weekly budget would allow, which included puzzle books, you know, word searches, crosswords and such. Well, Target sells these things for $3-4 each, whereas I could buy 3 or 4 books at the dollar tree for the same price. This is probably boring you by now, so I'll skip to the baseball cards part...

While there, I picked up a couple packs of cards, including two jumbos:

I was interested mainly in the first card showing on the top of this jumbo as I've recently picked up some of the Conlon Collection packs from my LCS. This card shows Charlie Conlon with his wife, Margie. And apparently this was a Pirates/Giants hot pack as they were the most represented team in the pack.

The Piazza would have been a really nice card if it did not have the damage in the lower right corner.
 The Sanchez sketch card is pretty cool, though the write-up on the back of the card references the artist, Dick Perex, and not the subject, which leads me to believe this is a card about the sketch cards and not an actual sketch card.
What's better than a jumbo pack of junk wax?

Pulling a freaking junk wax checklist out of it!! Awesome!!

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Spankee said...

Very nice. I'm always pumped when I open one of those because they are so random. Then, I get frustrated when I realize I have to sort them all into my boxes.

The Angels In Order said...

Junk at it's best.

night owl said...

Yeah, sorting is the worst. But you got an '81 Topps! Cool.

Play at the Plate said...

Good for you guys helping the troops!