Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Favorite Christmas find...

Every year, I try and find something unique for my wife for christmas. Sometimes it's a peice of artwork. Other times it's some toy or another. This year I really lucked out.
Her favortie movie series "Of all time!!" is the Saw set.

Last year, I bought her several bead style charms for her Pandora bracelet, and wrapped them in a Billy Cubee. Billy, for those that have not seen the movie, is the puppet that Jigsaw used in all of his videos.

This year, while searching for something else at Toys-R-Us, I lucked across a vinyl version of Billy, and could noot resist picking him up.

Now, how do I wrap this up for Christmas, or the other things (except for the Harley, that just gets a bow!) I've gotten her.

She also loves the cheesy monster/horror movies, so quick as a flash, to the internet I go, googling Christmas Zombies, some minor cutting/pasting/re-sizing. Hit the Print button, and... PRESTO!

Her very own Zombie Christmas wrapping paper!! Hope she likes it.
I wish everybody the happiest of Christmasses nad a very Merry New Year to come!!


Collective Troll said...

That is one BAD ASS wrapping job!!! Very cool! I know she loved it, Merry Christmas to your and yours!
PS did you say Harley??? Wow!!!

Play at the Plate said...

That's going all out! Merry Christmas!

Fuji said...

Cool figure... and even cooler wrapping paper. I'm sure you're wife was excited to get this.