Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Plea for votes, and a question...

Voting for Round 1 of Nachos Grande's bracket Challenge is currently underway, ending tomorrow night at 9pm E.S.T. If you haven't voted yet, would you consider popping over there and putting in a vote for me. If you think my competition's composition is better, forget I said anything...

and now for the question:

There is a card on eBay with a buy it now price of $18.00. The seller has also listed "or best offer" as an option. Shipping is $3. How much do you think is a decent offer? One that might be accepted, but not low enough to be an insult...

I'd like to spend no more than $10 total or less. 2 completed recent auctions were $5 w/$2.65 shipping and $8.02 w/$2.50 shipping.

Thanks for taking the time to read my humble little blog.
Have a GReat Sunday!
I'm off on another ride to raise money for my local SPCA!


Stealing Home said... can always send a question to the seller - explain exactly what you u said about the recent purchases here in ur post.

(seller might want more or other cards sold for less bcuz of condition issues.)

2. you can also send a lowball offer of 5-6 bucks and he might respond with counter offer. then offer the $7 + 2.

3. or see what else he/she is selling and offer to toss in another card or 2 if he insists on total higher than u wanna pay.

Brian said...

I don't think sellers are "insulted" by offers, they just complain about their time being wasted.
If they're really offended by what other people think of their card valuing, then they shouldn't use the buy it now feature.
A card is only worth what you're willing to pay for it. Beckett's prices are made up using a dart board as far as I'm concerned.

Brian said...

Sorry, meant Make Offer button.