Thursday, August 2, 2012

Body Found in Local Bowling Alley Positively Identified

The Body of Leonard Theodore Guttman, owner and founder of Guttman's Gutters, was found in his business, dead of apparent blunt force trauma.

Lennie was an all around great guy. He'd do anything for anybody, would give you the shirt off his back. But he was not always that way, back in his high school days, he was the quintesential jock. Picking on the nerdy guys, those that didn't fit his image of the way things should be.

A big reason why he wondered how his son Jack turned out to be so essentially opposite, the quintesential nerd, more interested in playing chess or hanging out in the science lab. And equally shocked the day Jack brought Cyndi home, how the hell did the high school king of the nerds end up with the head cheerleader? Had to be helping her with her homework, silly girl was probably leading his son on so she could keep her grades up and stay on the squad. Only thing was, they didn't have any books with them. Weird, extremely weird?

And that was not the only odd thing that had happened lately. Ever since Lennie's original business mentor, Tommy L. had convinced him to clean up the bowling alley, things really seemed to be turning around. Remodeling had done almost as much for profits as banning that Furts kid for running book out of his establishment. His joy at seeing Joey hauled off to jail by Danny the day his 3-card monte scheme back-fired on him was more than equaled when the "loser" had taken a baseball bat to every peice of sheetmetal on Furts' yellow Camaro. That kid deserved it, but what a shame for the car.

It seemed that for every good thing that happened, something equally bad or worse would attempt to equal things out. The evening Price called and told him that Tommy had died, it rocked Lennie's world. Tommy was like a brother to him, helping him with more than just his bowling alley dilema. That homerun ball by Williams in game 1 of the '03 series landing in his lap was the highlight of the year for him. Less than 3 hours later, after having almost choked to death on olive 2 of his 3-olive martini celebration, Tommy stumbled out of the bar only to be fataly struck by a passing ambulance.

Things seemed to continue downhill for widow Laughton when she hooked up with that Klugman fellow. Lennie never liked him ever since Bruce's investment firm started buying up the properties in Willow Cove for "redevelopment".

Lennie fought the attempts by BK's Builders Inc to buy out the block on which Guttman's Gutters resided. When the break-ins started, followed by the night Mudlin got mugged in the lot after he'd finished polishing the lanes, (it was a Thursday ritual, to be ready for the weekend rush) Lennie turned to the sherrif's department.

Danny could never collect solid evidence of any wrong-doing by Klugman, and stepped up patrols in the area also failed to nab the guilty culprits.

Guttman thought things might be turning for the better again on the Tuesday night that Larry hit the Mega-Millions Jackpot. The 28 million would let Larry enjoy his life, though it would mean leaving his the Gutters for good. Sadly, this once again would be balanced when they found Lennie early the next morning, having been blugeoned to death on lane 17 of the very alley that he helped to found.

Though several suspects have been questioned, including Klugman, no arrests have been made. The investigation continues and anyone with information pertaining to the case is asked to contact Deputy Daniel Young at the Willow Cove Sherriff's office.

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