Monday, August 20, 2012

Got a new set of balls to show off!!

While shopping at Wally World the other week, I came across these little bad boys in the Action Figure Aisle. And I figured, at $0.97each, I'd get a few to see what they'd contain:

Each ball is 1-5/8" diameter and contains one mini-figure from either DC or Marvel. I find  that interesting. DC and Marvel released in the same bin!

Breaking them open, 1 at a time reveals:
The fastest man alive! As well as my favorite DC superhero, the Flash! 
My wife's favorite superhero, the Almighty Thor.


My Spidey-Senses are tingling!!

The Dark Knight.
On a whim, I picked up three more before this post happened, revealing:

Martian Manhunter - don't follow him at all.

Batman in the attack pose, very cool!

My first duplicate, curiously ALSO in a blue colored ball!
So, there you have it. Not a bad little haul for less than $8 plus tax. Or at least until I get back by another Wally World! If anybody is interested in the duplicates, or the Manhunter, let me know. And keep yer eyes peeled, cause I'm probably not done buying these little spherical bits of superhero-ey goodness!! For you statistically minded readers, the ball in the picture with each figure is the color that it came out of, I don't know at this point if any pattern can be derived.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all the votes for Benny this week, he moved on to the next round!
Have a GReat week! It's supposed to rain here most of the week!

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