Friday, August 3, 2012

Shipping, a blessing or a curse?

Fuji's last question for this year's edition comes to us from SpastikMooss:
Which method do you find best for shipping cards? Could be a nice way for people to share their strategies.

You've got to start with the right supplies, without them, your done before you even start:

Padded envelopes in several sizes, mostly used (I re-use EVERYTHING, including the blue painters tape!) Boxes for bigger items, and penny sleeves, knock, knock, Penny, knock, knock, Penny, knock, knock, Penny, and hard sleeves. I use two hard sleeves on the ends of larger stacks or multiple sleeves in the case of nicer cards or fewer cards.

Next, addresses: my blog trade box is full of them. Each blogger or person I've traded with has their own spot in the box, seperated by raised index cards.

each of these has the name and address of the blogger/reader on it as well as that particular person's specialties. Benny has New York teams and U.S. Flags
written along the bottom of the card. Helps me to sort some of the "set asides".

How many times have you come across the perfect card, featuring a cup for instance, only to struggle to remember, "Who collects card with cups on them??" A quick peek through the box reveals our very own Spastikmooss!

I've sent and received items in a PWE many times, but with the clear understanding between all parties involved that it is to be this way. I don't always use confirmation or insurance (depending on the value of the items) but will if the situation warrants it.

In the case of other items, Spankee's cubee, I've found some small boxes that worked out awesome for holding the assembled person plus a few extras.

And I make sure to include any special markings according to the shape/size/weight of the package in question.

Mostly, "Do Not Bend", "Hand Sort Only, Please", or the old Italian, "Fragile".

Thanks for the subject there Mooss.
Thanks for reading,
Thanks for another great summer contest Fuji-San!!
Have a GReat weekend!

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Fuji said...

Thanks for all of those great posts... Looks like you'll be one of the automatic entries. Congratulations!

Superduperman99 said...

I hope some my cards are going in a bubble mailer soon because I have been wondering about them.