Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another neato Contest!!

This one by Martyn, over at Arbitrary Crap.

He's asking:
Have you joined a Box break & What's the best card you've got, If not why not?
We could take this several ways..
Sam, over at the Daily Dimwit, always puts on great breaks. The best one I've entered was last year, in which I received:

yep, three awesome hits.

(Sam, don't read this...)
Or the best hit in one of his breaks that I didn't get due to Upper Deck's asinine card design. A truly awesome Jim Thome, in a Phillies uni, with a Phillies star patch swatch, that went to the White Sox?!?

Yep, break rules send all cards to the team stated on the card, and this one, ALL evidence to the contrary, went to Arno with the White Sox as stated on the card!!
Arno, if you do read this, and are interested, let me know what I can find you in trade for this one, I'd love to have it in my White Sox Phillies collection

Or the absolute best card in a break that I joined over at Dan's Other World, that did not randomize in my direction:

yeah, Justin posted on this one earlier.. I had the Phillies in this break, but the randomizer took a dis-liking to me and sent that one his way. 

That's cool though, cause at least it went to someone, like myself, who could not afford to buy it, and will genuinely appreciate it for what it is, One GReat looking card!!

Glad you like that card as much as I do Justin. If you do decide to part with it, give me a shot at it first, please.

That's it for this post, and Martyn's first question, sort of!!
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat night!

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