Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fuji, via the Buffett...

Latest question, from Mike, over at BA Benny's:

Hey Fuji, what are the three most prized items in your collections? Value does not have to be a factor, but can be.

Three most Prized Minis:

Three most Prized Autographed Cards:

had to have a #17 autograph, and Pat is one of the best signers, ever 
once again, the minor Logos are awesome

Three most Prized Manufactured "Relics"

There's your #7, at least the first one!

Three most Prized Non-Sports:

What a GReat lady! Such a tragic loss for the world!

Three most Prized Relics:

Three most Prized Large Scale Die cast Models:

My wife got this one cause she thought I'd like it. She was RIGHT!

Three most Prized Small Scale Die cast models:

Three most Prized figures:

Three most Prized Elephants:

I liked Righty so much, I have several version, and 2 of this one.

Three most Prized Jerseys:

There's your second #7.
The Halladay Star and Stripes is an instant classic
The Utley was my first.

Three most Prized Ballcaps

St. Cloud State, Minnesota. Who else would the ole Dawg root for?

Loved the Mudhens from watching M.A.S.H. on T.V.

Portland Seadogs, from their Marlins affiliation,
were you surprised there's no Phillies cap here?

Three most Prized Banks (Piggy or otherwise):

Three most Prized Photos:

Three most Prized baseballs:

Three most Prized Possessions:
My wife,
My Dogs,
You, my Friends!

There's not much "Value" here, except to me, and the last three are Priceless!
Thanks for another great topic, Mike
thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

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Fuji said...

Holy smokes... that was the largest collection of prized possession trifectas I've ever witnessed.

Great post! Extra credit for you!