Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I've struck GOLD.

Panini Gold, that is. Yeah, won't be able to retire any sooner, but that's ok.
So, do I have any NBA fans on my reading list? If I do, this post is most definitely for you!

2 weeks ago I entered Panini's "Find the Hidden Knight" contest, held most every Friday. They are a lot of fun and I'd recommend you check them out. So, I found the required amount of hidden knights, AND was selected as a winner of 1 box of Panini Gold Standard NBA Trading Cards and 1 box of Panini Totally Certified Hockey. This post is of the NBA variety.

Quite the fancy package, in the shape of a gold bar. Yeah, I know, shocking, right?

inside you'll find exactly 1 pack containing 10 cards!

and inside that you'll find, amongst the cardboard :

3 base cards out of 310 I believe. I'd assume the allure of these is NOT putting a set together.

the backs are quite nicely laid out as well. (I've even managed to align the backs with the front above!)

I got one of these metal rookie cards, Michael Carter-Williams, from the Sixers though it's hard to see from the scan! and I must admit it's not much better in person!

then there are the relics. I got Kevin Garnett from the Nets. Numbered 164/199.

then there are the autos. Hard to tell the name from that signature, but this one's on-card!

at least that one looks a bit closer to Harris! This one's a sticker?
and I also got an autographed relic in this pack as well:

This one has a nice black swatch, combined with a very nice A-C on-card signature from Mr. Crabbe.
Then there's this little 14K Gold Strike relic card:

It's a bit hard to see in the scan, but that is one shiny piece of 14k gold in there. Very nice looking card.
The final bit of cardboard was plain white with a bit of scratch on the front:

Now I'm not too sure what to do with this card, it's going for around $15 on eBay, but I'm undecided.
Well, that was an interesting pack of cards. Something that I would not normally open, let alone buy for myself. At this point, these cards are available for trade if anyone is interested. If not, I may try selling them.
Thanks for reading,
Thanks for the contest Tracy,
Have a GReat night!

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RAZ said...

I like that Chandler Parsons pull.