Monday, February 17, 2014

Thursday, February 17th, 1994...

20 years ago last month, I made the best decision of my life.
Even better, she said YES!! So, 20 years ago, Thursday, February 17th, 1994, with family and friends to witness, I was joined in holy matrimony with my wife.

The last 20 years together has been an absolute blast and only leaves me to wonder what the next 20 glorious years will bring?

Happy Anniversary to the woman that makes me complete! I love you more now than I ever have.

thanks for reading.
Have a GReat day!


MJ Heap said...

Awe sweet, but that haircut belongs in the 80's

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

That picture was from the very early '90s Martin!!

MJ Heap said...

I know, I'd have been 8 when u got married

Daniel Wilson said...

Happy Anniversary!

Fuji said...

20 years? That's awesome. Congratulations! (on the anniversary and the awesome hair)

Spankee said...

Congrats a day late! My wife and I celebrated 4 years on the 13th.
I hope you got you wife something nice!