Friday, February 28, 2014

That other prize box...

So, any hockey fans in my readership?
The second box in my prize package from Panini was from their 2013-2014 Totally Certified Hockey release. And was also very cool!

I have no idea how much this box would be nor the 4 packs of cards that were sequestered inside. But they were a lot of fun to open!
Pack 1:

Well as I don't follow hockey and rarely get to an Admirals game here in town, it should not come as a surprise that I've not heard of most of these teams! The base cards are very shiny and the photography is outstanding. Each pack of cards contains 4 base cards plus 1 memorabilia card or autograph card.

this pack contained a very nice autographed card of Michael Bournival, from the Canadiens. I have heard of this team as they share a common logo design with my favorite college team, the St. Cloud State Huskeys from Minnesota.

here is the Montreal logo, red, white and blue with an H.

and the St. Cloud logo, red, white and black with the ST. a lot of people ask about the Canadiens when I wear my Huskeys jersey around town!

I know who the Sharks are because of Fugi, and Washington is the closest NHL team to my home. I believe the Lightning is one of the Platinum Blue inserts #47/50.

Then we have a very slick relic. it doesn't show in the scan but the greyish area around Eller's head is clear and shows through the card!! Very cool design.

The first pack that I know all the teams from, especially the Wild, from my wife's home state! And I believe that is one of the Rookie Mirror Platinum Blue inserts #05/10.

Another relic, from the Oilers. hard to believe that jersey has that much white in it!

Three out of four, not bad. I wonder why some of the cards have the team name on them and some don't??

and we have a very interesting signature from the Red Wings' Petr Mrazek. As with the basketball cards, these are available if anyone is interested. And curiously, what would a Rookie card numbered out of 10 be worth in the hockey world?

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Have a GReat weekend!

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MJ Heap said...

I Think the RC /10 is completely dependant on player. Box selling $70-75
Im guessing packs @ $20
Nice cards