Friday, February 21, 2014

Tis a Mystery??

Not really, but it made for a neat title...

I got a package in the mail earlier this week. Probably should have been here last week, but we are having issues with our postal idjits!!

So I open my post box to see a 400 or 500 count box addressed to yours truly, from Jeff, over at 2x3 Heroes. First thought that goes through my feeble little brain, Oh crap, I've made a trade and forgot about it... but no, I reason that I've kept track of those fairly well. Then I think, "What have a done to deserve this little slice of cardboard nirvanna?"

Opening the box reveals the simplest of answers... I signed up for it!! That's how! Jeff offered up a year-end/new-year beginning sign-up for cards from your favorite team(s). I signed myself up for it and promptly forgot about it!

Needless to say, I am overwhelmed and grateful for the cards Jeff, Thanks.

Now, there were quite a few doubles and duplicates of cards I already have, which is very OK with me, cause there were also a crap-ton of cards that I did not have, including a few from my needs lists!

I scanned in several of my favorites from the selection:

there were quite a few parallel cards in the mix, including on of those dreaded Wally World blue bordered disasters!!

Now let me back up a step, everybody knows that I dis-like this particular colored border as I just don't think the blue is the right shade. But his card I like! I mean really like!! The darker blue highlights really pop against the lighter blue border, combined with the blue of the uniform, this just works really well for this card.
And if you are wondering, YES, I still dis-like these cards as a whole, but as they say, "Even a blind squirrel..."!!

there were also shinies in the box too, but those were not my favorites from this selection...

I love these Fleer cards, the dual-black side panels are slick-looking, combined with the background and action foreground shot makes this card pretty darned cool in my book! Kinda makes me feel like he's playing catch in some neighborhood park in Philly!

and I actually needed this card for my 2010 Upper Deck set! There were 1 or 2 others from this set in that box that I also needed!! Thanks for that Jeff
thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend!

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