Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TeenyMates, the MLB Edition...

Finally got round to the Target last night and picked up a couple packs of the new baseball edition TeenyMates. I've liked the little figures since they first released the NFL/NHL versions a while ago.

But as I mainly collect baseball, I've only picked up a few packs here and there, and at $4 per pack for two figures, they aren't exactly cheap.

I will at least try a few more of the baseball packs this season, and hope to catch the card vendor or store manager at some point if I don't get my main team because the gravity feeder is displaying a Phillies figure in it.

Anyhow, each blind package had two figures in it, plus a checklist and two puzzle pieces. There is a chance at rarer figures but as they are teams I don't collect, I'm good to not chase after them.

My first package yielded one of my favorites teams, at least as far as logos go:

I love the Indians logo (and think the Redskins should stand their ground)
My second package yielded a team I collect and the closest team to my hometown down here in the southeast:

and interestingly enough, one of the puzzle pieces fits with the two from the first package!

I may not chase after the entire 30 figure main set, but would like to get the main teams that I collect, and I'm really interested in chasing the puzzle pieces so if you get any of these, and don't want or need the puzzle pieces, keep me in mind (only 31 more to go!).

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MJ Heap said...

What's the use of a puzzle without all the pieces?

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Saw these today as well, couldn't pull the trigger though.

Maybe next time.