Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another trade post from across the water...

But this time it's from across the big pond!! I struck a deal with Jonathan, from RGB Cards. While reading some of his posts, I discovered that I had some cards from his want lists, as well as a Fathead or two that he would certainly enjoy. A deal was struck, and an airmail envelope  arrived at my humble abode on Monday.

Now, before I post the cards and goodies that he sent my way, I want to put in a small plug for his blog. If you have not read any of his stuff, it's well worth a peek or two. I ran across his site through one of the other blogs that I read regularly, and quickly added him to my follow list. I really enjoyed his Travels with Raleigh series, but then again, I'm a sucker for any story involving dogs!!

Now, on with the goodness:

He mostly sent me cards from my 2011 needs, but also struck a trade for a Manupatch card, I had an Ichiro Pilots card that he'd been hunting for, and he had acquired a Cardinals card. Now, me not being a Cardinals fan or follower, this card still fit my collection as it is the Matt Holliday card and he wears the #7 jersey for the Cards, making for a very nice swap. Don't you just love scanning, I turn all the cards so the numbers face the same way, and the 2010 Update cards come out upside down compared to the 2011 Series 1!!

He also sent along a bunch of the Kimbals minis for that set (to date, I have 28/50 with only 1 double):

Now perhaps the highlight of this trade is a swap that is only half baseball related. I, as most of us do, also collect other things, often not related to America's favorite past time. I have a ton of Hot Wheels cars from my youth, several non-sports card collections, action figures, larger die cast cars, elephants, cows, and coins. I love different coins. I have several kinds, from the statehood quarters collection to $1 casino chips. I struck a side deal with Jonathan where as I sold him an Ichiro All Stars jersey card for $3.85. But, it's $3.85 Australian, which netted me a complete set of the Australian general currancy:

I really like the coin set. Thanks for the trade Jonathan, hopefully it will be the first of many.

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

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Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the cards and my blog posts. I got back into town today and there was an envelope waiting from a certain Phillies fan! I have already scanned the cards and hope to get them posted tomorrow!