Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Trade Posting...

A while back, I busted a bunch of 2008 Upper Deck X Baseball. While pulling the PC cards for myself, I also had Spankee's want list for this set, and set aside a bunch of the cards off of this list for him. Well, I finally ran out of room in my blog trade box, and sent a bunch of packages out. One was all the cards I had set aside for him.

Well over a week ago, he emails to let me know that a package was headed my way. As only he and I can truly appreciate, Spankee, that one must have gotten caught in tunnel traffic!!! cause I received 2 packages from across the country in less time than it took for this one package from across the river!!

Anyhow, I got my cards from Spankee in Friday's post, and here they are:

I just love the chromed out Mantle and Polanco cards! Very nice!

Spankee always hits several of my categories, often with one card. Check out the Yankees player, wearing the #7 jersey, hitting Home Run #17!! Too cool!!

and he's just posted another card on his blog, a  Scott Rolen Gems - Scott Rolen as a Phillie,
wearing the number 17 jersey, that will be headed my way in our next round of trades!!

Thanks for the reciprocation Spankee, well done choice of cards again.

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat week!!

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