Friday, April 29, 2011

A BA Benny trade...

Today's post finds me talking about one of my first blog trade partners, BA Benny. Over the last couple of months, I've been setting cards aside for different people, including several for Mike. Earlier this month, I cleared out my blog trade box, sending cards to everyone that had a slot. Yesterday, I received my results from Benny's first group break. Also in the box were some cards designated "trade" to make up for the cards (and the mini-Bip) I sent his way...

Well, as usual for him, Mike did not disappoint, at all. He sent all but two cards that I needed for my base 2011 Opening Day set:

And, if you are paying attention, you'll have noticed in the upper right corner of the lower picture group, he also gave me a 2fer1 special. I had sent him a football jersey relic acquired somewhere along the line, and knew he would want it as it was a Jets player. Well, he sent me two relics in trade, a super-nice, ultra cool Pat Burrell, red-striped Sweet Spot Swatches card, which would have been awesome by itself. But then he's knocks a solid double by sending me a Brandon Webb, Destination Stardom jersey relic as well. The double, it being the Diamondbacks pitcher, who happens to wear the number 17 jersey. Too frickin cool for words!! You guys treat this old man very well and I appreciate every damned bit!!

 Thanks for the catch-up there Mike, just too AWESOME!!

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend!!

Coming tomorrow, the first of the results from BA's RAGU break!!

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BA Benny said...

Glad you liked them Bones, a great trade again on my end as well.